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Protect your technology from Electricity!

Power fluctuations and blackouts can happen at any time, sometimes without you even knowing. Electronic devices are at risk from damage when they are not receiving the correct amount of power.

Many people use surge protectors for their sensitive electronics (often in the form of a double adaptor), but there is a better level of protection in the form of an Uniterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Uniterruptible Power Supply

A UPS regulates the power from your wall outlet & provides power to your electronic device at a constant level. It also contains batteries & an inverter enabling it to continue providing power during a blackout. A typical UPS is able to run a PC for 10-15 minutes without power, giving you plenty of time to safely shut down your computer. Many UPSs come with software that will automatically shut down your computer in a blackout.

For other electronic devices, a UPS will ensure that the voltage & frequency of the output power remains constant regardless of the mains power level.

For around $100.00 for a basic UPS, it is well worth the investment.


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