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Old dogs and new tricks.

I know a lot of people who haven’t had much to do with computers. They say things like “I don’t know what a Twitter is. What’s a Myspace or a Facebook?” These people would rarely look at a social media site, let alone sign up and participate.

However, the fact that these people know these names is proof of the far reaching impact these and other social media sites have had on the global community, both on and off-line.

Global Community

There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the online community. We are at a defining moment in history where the common people are challenging and pushing the boundaries of communication. On the online world it is the users, the everyday people, who shape and change the way the web works. In recent weeks social media has helped overthrow dictators, provided instant updates on natural disasters and linked milions of people who would never interact without the social web.

I would encourage everybody, old and young, to grab the opportunity to get online and stake your claim in this rich  network of content all created by users. The best way to learn about Twitter, Myspace or Facebook is to log in and see what happens. There is no harm to be done and you will be helping to shape the way of global communication into the future.


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