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Where’s your backup?

If your PC or laptop exploded right now, would you lose any data you wish you’d backed up?

Electronic devices are becoming more affordable, but the information stored on them is often priceless. Luckily, portable hard drives makes it easy to backup your photos, videos, emails & documents so that if you do have to replace your computer, all your data is safe.


When selecting a portable hard drive, work out how much storage you will need so you don’t run out of space. When backing up your files, only backup files which cannot be replaced if you bought a new computer.

A USB portable hard drive will show up as a drive on your computer shortly after you plug it in, then simply copy & paste the files you want to back up. Some portable hard drives come with software pre-installed which automates the process once you tell it which files to back up.

Keep your back up drive in a safe place and don’t use your backup drive as an everyday use drive.

At around $70 for a 500GB USB hard drive you can’t afford not to get one.


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