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10 tips – When not to use social media…

We love our laptops and smartphones and the ability to log on to our favourite social media site anywhere, anytime. But here’s 10 suggestions for when you shouldn’t:


1. In the bathroom. Really, you should be in and out as quickly as possible, not to mention hygiene issues next time you answer a call.

2. At a funeral.

3. In bed.

4. On a date. Maybe you met your date through social media, but you should use old fashioned communication skills too.

5. During a meal. Unless you’re an acclaimed food critic, nobody wants to hear about your meal. But even then it can wait until you’ve finished.

6. Whilst driving.

7. At work. Especially straight after the memo goes out about not using social media at work.

8. At the movies.

9. During a deep and meaningful conversation with somebody.

10. Whilst talking on another phone. This includes tweeting about the person on the other phone.

Feel free to let me know of any more you think should be added. But please pull over first.


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