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Something about HDMI cables

With the development of digital technology for audio visual devices and the increased bandwidth required to transmit high definition signals, HDMI was introduced as the new standard interface between digital devices.

So what are some things you should know about HDMI?

HDMI cable

1. HDMI cables carry both the video signal and the audio signal. So only a single cable is required to connect your blu-ray player to your digital TV.

2. HDMI is currently at revision 1.4a which includes ethernet cabability. This will allow future audio video devices to connect to a network through the HDMI cable. HDMI is still being developed so more revisions can be expected.

3. Thicker cables are not better. Neither are expensive cables. Thicker cables usually just have extra plastic coating applied to make them look better. Expensive cables might have a fancy braided sheath over the plastic, or gold plated connectors. None of this will increase the quality of the picture or sound.

4. If your computer or laptop has a DVI port you can use a DVI – HDMI cable to connect to a digital TV without any loss of quality due to compatibility between the two interfaces. This allows you to use a large screen TV as a monitor.


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