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Spend time promoting your blog!

While it’s important to produce great content for your blog, it’s equally important to spend time making sure your blog is going to attract visitors. Here’s some things to do when you’re not writing to ensure your blog gets the exposure it deserves!

Increase Traffic

1. Review your blog stats regularly. You will get an idea of which posts are attracting visitors, and how they found you. Are certain keywords showing up in search results? Or are some of your posts being linked by other sites?

2. Post updates of your blog to social media sites. Currently social media sites are the most economical (usually free) method of reaching potentially millions of users. And search engines index social media sites so your search ranking will benefit as well.

3. Join groups and directories that complement the subject of your blog. This will help promote your blog to your target audience, and is usually free.

4. Research other blogs. Find some popular blogs on a similar subject to yours and see what they’re doing different. If you like a blog, leave a comment with a link back to your blog.

5. Check all your posts to make sure none have become outdated. Make sure you update any stats that may have changed. Check all your links are working, and make sure all your images and videos are loading properly.

Before you know it your blog will be seeing more visitors than ever!


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